Simple Strike Sequence Review: Is It Worth It?

Introduction: What is the Simple Strike Sequence Golf Program?

The Simple Strike Sequence from Martin Chuck is designed to help amateur golfers improve their ball striking for more consistent launches, increased distance, and improved accuracy. In this article, we will delve into the Simple Strike Sequence, exploring how it works and the benefits it offers to your golf game.

Pros and Cons of the Simple Strike Sequence


  • Enhances ball striking technique
  • Designed for faster results
  • Features simple and effective drills
  • Focuses on increasing distance
  • Promotes straighter shots


  • Lengthy marketing video before understanding how it works
  • Results may vary, not a guaranteed 10-shot improvement for everyone

Overview of the Simple Strike Sequence Golf Program

Simple strike sequence

The Simple Strike Sequence Golf Program, created by Martin Chuck, consists of a series of video lessons aimed at improving your golf swing mechanics. By following the program and implementing Chuck’s instructions on the driving range, you can develop cleaner ball striking and maximize your power and control.

Expert Reviews and Verdict: Is the Simple Strike Sequence Worth it?

Martin Chuck’s Simple Strike Sequence has received positive reviews from golfers of varying skill levels. The program’s simplicity and focus on key aspects of the swing mechanics make it accessible and effective. Golfers have reported improved consistency and cleaner ball striking after implementing the program.

How Does the Simple Strike Sequence Work?

Simple strike sequence videos

The Simple Strike Sequence utilizes a series of videos that guide you through the necessary steps for clean ball striking. The program emphasizes two core elements: the no-turn backswing and low-point control drills. The no-turn backswing ensures your club is on the correct plane, leading to maximum power on the downswing. The low-point control drill helps you strike the ball first, then the ground, improving compression and generating ball speed and controlled spin.

Who Can Benefit from the Simple Strike Sequence?

The Simple Strike Sequence is ideal for mid and high-handicap golfers who struggle with slices, shanks, hooks, and duffs. By promoting cleaner contact, the program aims to produce explosive ball speed and straighter flight, resulting in improved distance and accuracy.

Simple Strike Sequence Practice Routines

To make the most of the Simple Strike Sequence, it is recommended to follow specific practice routines:

  1. No-Turn Golf Swing: Start your session with five shots focusing on the no-turn backswing, ensuring your club reaches the optimal position at the top of the swing.

  2. Low Point Control: Spend the remaining five shots practicing low-point control, aiming to strike the ball before the ground to achieve better compression and ball control.

  3. Skills Development: Incorporate different shot variations into your practice, such as draws, fades, high-launching shots, and low-flying stingers, to enhance your versatility on the course.

  4. Technique Improvement: Work on specific technical aspects of your swing, such as wrist flexion or clubhead positioning, to refine your technique and promote straighter launches.

  5. Challenge Yourself: Set personal goals for each practice session, such as hitting a certain number of balls onto the green or mastering specific shot types, to push yourself and track your progress.

Alternative Golf Training Programs

One Shot Slice Fix

One shot slice fix

Hank Haney’s One Shot Slice Fix program provides an easy-to-understand approach to addressing the common problem of slicing. Focusing on wrist action during the downswing, this program aims to correct clubface angles and improve ball flight control.

Get More Distance

Distance code

Short Game Secrets

Short game secrets

Conclusion: Is the Simple Strike Sequence Worth it for You?

The Simple Strike Sequence program offers an effective and easy-to-understand approach to improving your ball striking consistency. While it may be particularly beneficial for mid and high-handicap golfers struggling with inconsistent shots, golfers of all skill levels can benefit from the program’s emphasis on key swing mechanics. With positive reviews and real-life success stories, the Simple Strike Sequence could be the solution you’re looking for to enhance your golf game.

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