The Ultimate Guide to White Buffalo Turquoise

The beauty and rarity of white buffalo turquoise make it a highly sought-after stone. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the history, healing properties, and tips for identifying genuine white buffalo turquoise. Whether you are a jewelry enthusiast or someone interested in the mystical properties of gemstones, this guide has all the information you need.


White buffalo turquoise is a unique stone that is found exclusively in Tonopah, Nevada. While it is often referred to as turquoise, it is actually a dolomite stone. This stunning white stone gets its name from the Native American legend of the white buffalo, which symbolizes purity and rarity. In this guide, we will explore the fascinating history and properties of white buffalo turquoise.

White Buffalo Mine
White Buffalo Mine | Photo by Turquoise Moose

The History of Native American Jewelry

The tradition of Native American jewelry dates back thousands of years. Native Americans created jewelry using stones, bones, coral, and shells, exchanging these wearable works of art between tribes. Jewelry was not only a form of adornment but also a symbol of status within Native American communities. Over the centuries, the art of jewelry-making has been passed down, resulting in a rich tradition that continues today.

White Buffalo Turquoise History

White buffalo turquoise holds a significant place in Native American jewelry. It was first discovered in the Dry Creek Mine in Tonopah, Nevada by the Otteson family in 1993. The stone’s veiny property, reminiscent of classic turquoise, initially led them to believe it was a variation of turquoise. However, they named it white buffalo turquoise due to its connection to the sacred white buffalo legend.

According to the legend, two Native Americans encountered a beautiful Lakota woman during a famine. She provided them with sacred tobacco and taught them how to use it in prayer before transforming into a rare white buffalo. The tobacco she left behind sustained the natives, who were then visited by a bountiful herd of buffalo. This legend adds to the mysticism and spiritual significance of white buffalo turquoise.

Healing Properties of White Buffalo Turquoise

White buffalo turquoise is believed to have powerful healing properties. It is said to purify your energy and strengthen your spirit. Considered an amulet of protection, this stone absorbs negative energy, making it ideal to wear as a necklace. It is also known to enhance communication, allowing for clear and honest expression. Improved communication can lead to healthier relationships and interactions.


White is often associated with purification and new beginnings. The rarity of white buffalo turquoise allows for a pure and transformative experience when working with this stone.


White buffalo turquoise is believed to align with all seven chakras, helping to regulate and balance energy throughout the body. It is particularly potent when used on the seventh crown chakra, facilitating deep peace and meditation. Its connection to the physical and metaphysical worlds adds to its spiritual significance.

How to Spot a Fake White Buffalo Turquoise

As with any popular gemstone, there are imitations and fake white buffalo turquoise on the market. To ensure you are purchasing genuine white buffalo turquoise, it is essential to be aware of common imposters.

White Buffalo Turquoise or White Buffalo Dolomite?
Photo by Turquoise Moose


Howlite is a white and black veiny stone that bears some resemblance to white buffalo turquoise. However, it differs significantly in terms of properties. Howlite is a porous mineral found in irregular nodules, and it has a lower hardness rating than turquoise. One way to test the authenticity of a stone is to drag it across a hard surface. If it flakes easily, it is likely howlite and not turquoise.


Magnesite is another stone that is sometimes mistaken for white buffalo turquoise. It is a calcite mineral and can come in various colors, including white. However, magnesite has a lower hardness rating than white buffalo turquoise and is found in locations worldwide, unlike white buffalo turquoise, which is unique to Nevada.

When purchasing white buffalo turquoise, it is crucial to ask questions and seek information about the stone’s origin. Only buy from reputable sources that can provide specific mining information. Nevada is the only place where white buffalo turquoise is naturally found, so be cautious of dealers claiming otherwise.

Where to Buy White Buffalo Turquoise

To ensure the authenticity of your white buffalo turquoise, it is best to purchase from Native American retailers or accredited wholesalers. Buying directly from Native American silversmiths or gem retailers not only guarantees a genuine product but also supports their small businesses and preserves the Native American jewelry-making tradition.

At Turquoise Moose, we source our white buffalo turquoise directly from Tonopah mines in Nevada. Our collection includes high-quality white buffalo turquoise cabochons in various shapes and sizes. Whether you are a lapidary artist or looking for a unique piece of jewelry, our customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


White buffalo turquoise is a rare and beautiful stone with a rich history and powerful healing properties. Understanding its authenticity and significance will help you make informed purchases and appreciate the value of this unique gem. Whether you are a collector, jewelry enthusiast, or someone seeking spiritual connections, white buffalo turquoise is a remarkable choice. Get your white buffalo turquoise today and experience the magic for yourself!

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