What Is Zone Seating At A Concert?

What Is Zone Seating At A Concert

Zone seating, also known as section seating, is a common practice for major events like the Super Bowl. In this arrangement, sellers are allocated tickets in specific “zones” or areas within the venue, but the exact seating locations are not yet known.

What Does “Zone Seating” Mean on Ticketmaster?

On Ticketmaster, when you see the term “Zone Seating,” it indicates that the tickets guarantee seats within the listed section and/or row, or potentially even better seats. This provides some level of flexibility and allows for efficient ticket allocation.

Finding the Best Seats in an Arena Concert

For a concert held on a center stage, where the stage is set up in the middle of the floor section, the best seats are typically in the seated sections at the middle of the arena. These sections, similar to mid-court or center-ice sections, offer the closest and optimal view of the performance.

Understanding General Admission (GA) and Preferred Seating

General Admission refers to areas that are not assigned or reserved, and seating or standing is on a first-come, first-served basis. On the other hand, Preferred Seating, often offered through American Express (Amex), provides seats that are closer to the stage. With Preferred Seating, you may have the opportunity to secure front-row or closer-section seats compared to Amex Seating or Member Onsale options.

Selecting the Perfect Spot During a Concert

If your objective is to have the best view, being front and center may seem ideal visually. However, it’s important to note that the sound quality may be compromised due to the speaker placements. Typically, speakers are directed towards the center of the venue, which means the best sound quality will actually be behind you.

Are Aisle Seats More Expensive?

Event organizers sometimes label aisle seats as premium tickets, adding a price increment to boost ticket revenues. These aisle seats are strategically positioned to provide fans with easy access to refreshments, restrooms, and venue exits. Billboard reported that this pricing practice was successfully implemented for the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience, indicating that fans are willing to pay more for this convenience.

Decoding Ticketmaster’s Ticket Labels

Ticketmaster uses various color codes and labels to provide information about seat availability:

  • Blue: The section has seats available that match your search criteria. The darker the blue, the more seats are available.
  • Gray: The section is either sold out or doesn’t have seats that match your search.
  • Pink: Verified Resale tickets, which are being resold by other fans and brokers. These seats appear on the seating chart along with face value tickets.

In conclusion, understanding zone seating, general admission, preferred seating, and deciphering Ticketmaster’s seat labels can help you make informed decisions when purchasing concert tickets. Remember, your chosen seats may influence your overall concert experience.

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