Tire Size 275/55r20 in inches


Understanding the tire size 275/55R20 is essential when determining if it is the right fit for your vehicle. With its exceptional performance and stylish appearance, it’s not surprising that this tire size is highly popular among drivers. In this article, we will explore the various measurements and characteristics of the 275/55R20 tire size and discuss its advantages.

The Measurements: 275/55r20 in Inches

The following table provides detailed information about the different aspects and measurements of the tire characteristics:

Overall Diameter810 mm31.9″
Tread Width275 mm10.8″
Rim Diameter508 mm20″
Sidewall Height151 mm5.9″
Circumference2543.4 mm100.2″
Revolutions393 per km632 per mile

Tire Height

The overall diameter of a 275/55R20 tire is 810 millimeters, which is approximately 31.9 inches. This measurement represents the total height of the tire, including the tread and sidewalls.

Tread Width

The tread width of the 275/55R20 tire size is 275 millimeters or approximately 10.8 inches. This measurement indicates the width of the tire’s contact patch, which is the part that comes into contact with the road surface.

Rim Diameter

A 275/55R20 tire is designed to be mounted on a 20-inch diameter rim. The rim diameter, in this case, is 508 millimeters.

Sidewall Height

The sidewall height of a 275/55R20 tire is 151 millimeters or approximately 5.9 inches. This measurement represents the vertical distance from the tread to the tire’s bead, where it meets the rim.


The circumference of a 275/55R20 tire is 2543.4 millimeters or approximately 100.2 inches. This measurement indicates the total distance around the tire’s outer edge.


A 275/55R20 tire completes 393 revolutions per kilometer or 632 revolutions per mile. This value illustrates how often the tire rotates within a specific distance of travel.

Tire Construction and Benefits

The 275/55R20 tire size features a radial construction, denoted by the “R” in its designation. Radial tires are the most common tire construction type, characterized by flexible sidewalls and steel belts running perpendicular to the tread direction. This design enhances handling, fuel efficiency, and tread life compared to older bias-ply tires.

The Replacement Consideration

When replacing a tire with the 275/55R20 size, it is crucial to ensure that the overall diameter of the replacement tire is within 3% of the original tire’s diameter. This compatibility ensures optimal performance and safety.

Tire SizeOverall Diameter Difference
255/55R2031″ (788 mm) (-2.7%)
285/50R2031.3″ (794 mm) (-2%)
295/50R2031.7″ (804 mm) (-0.7%)
255/60R2032″ (814 mm) (0.5%)
305/50R2032″ (814 mm) (0.5%)
285/55R2032.4″ (822 mm) (1.5%)
315/50R2032.4″ (824 mm) (1.7%)
265/60R2032.5″ (826 mm) (2%)
295/55R2032.8″ (832 mm) (2.7%)
325/50R2032.8″ (834 mm) (3%)

Choosing the Right Rims for 275/55R20

For 275/55R20 tires, the appropriate rim size is 20 inches in diameter. The number “20” in the tire size designation (275/55R20) indicates that the tire is designed to be mounted on a 20-inch diameter wheel. It is also important to consider the rim width, which should be compatible with the tire’s tread width (275 mm or 10.8 inches). Generally, rims with a width between 7.5 and 9.5 inches are suitable for 275/55R20 tires.

Conclusion: The Advantages of 275/55R20 Tire Size

The 275/55R20 tire size offers a well-rounded combination of performance and aesthetics. With its 31.9-inch overall diameter and 10.8-inch tread width, this tire provides a wide contact patch for improved traction and stability. The 20-inch rim diameter enhances the vehicle’s appearance, while the 5.9-inch sidewall height ensures a comfortable ride without compromising handling.

Additionally, the radial construction of the 275/55R20 tire brings significant benefits, including enhanced handling, improved fuel efficiency, and extended tread life. With a circumference of 100.2 inches and 632 revolutions per mile, this tire size consistently delivers excellent performance throughout its lifespan.

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