Determining The Year of Your Outboard

Determining the year of your outboard motor is essential for maintenance, repairs, and finding the right parts. Each brand of outboard manufacturer uses its own unique code to determine the year of their engines. In this article, we have compiled all the information you need to quickly identify the year of your outboard, including model and serial number codes. We have also included links to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part catalogs for your convenience.

OMC / Johnson / Evinrude / BRP

OMC (Johnson & Evinrude) has changed their method of indicating the year in the model number over the years. Depending on the year range your motor falls into, you will find your engine year information differently.

OMC outboard motor engine numbers can usually be found on the nameplate ID tag located on the clamp or swivel bracket of the engine. The ID tag contains a model number and a serial number. OMC uses the model number to identify the year and certain options of that engine.

Engines manufactured since 1980 use a two-letter code at the end of the model number. The code is based on the following key:

I N T R O D U C E S1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

For example, the letters “CE” at the end of the model number J100STLCE indicate that the engine is from 1989.

To find OEM part numbers, you can visit the BRP website here.


Similar to OMC, Yamaha Marine has used the model number to determine the year and identify the options of their engines for many years. However, beginning in 2006, Yamaha stopped using model year codes.

To determine the manufacturing date, you can refer to the opposing clamp bracket from the ID Tag, which contains the model and serial number.

For internationally coded Yamaha marine engines, you can use the following chart to determine the year:

D – 1990, C – 1991, B – 1992, A – 1993, Z – 1994, Y – 1995, X – 1996,
W – 1997, V – 1998, U – 1999, T – 2000, S – 2001, R – 2002,
Q – 2003, P – 2004, N – 2005, K – 2006, J – 2007, H – 2008,
G – 2009, F – 2010, D – 2011, C – 2012, B – 2013, A – 2014,
Z – 2015, Y – 2016, X – 2017

For OEM part numbers, you can visit the Yamaha Marine website here.


In contrast to OMC and Yamaha, Mercury Marine uses the serial number to determine the year of the engine and the model number to determine its features. The serial number is crucial when searching for parts based on the year and horsepower of your outboard.

For example, Mercury manufactured over 120 different models and variants of 225HP outboards in 2006. While one water pump repair kit might fit some of those models, it may not be compatible with your motor without knowing the exact serial number.

The serial number is usually located at the top of the identification tag or instruction plate and consists of letters and numbers. The last two digits of the serial number correspond to the year of manufacture. For instance, “10” would indicate a 2010 outboard.

For model numbers and options, refer to the diagram provided here.

To find OEM part numbers, you can visit the Mercury Marine website here.


Honda outboard model numbers follow specific formats, as illustrated here. If you have trouble determining the year of your engine, you can contact Honda Marine customer service at 770-497-6400.

For OEM part numbers, you can visit the Honda Marine website here.


For motors produced in 2003 and beyond, the serial number will indicate the production year using a two-letter code at the end. Refer to the table provided here to determine the production year based on the letters.

For older Nissan and Tohatsu engines, please fill out the form on the Tohatsu website.


With Suzuki model numbers, the last letter indicates the year. To identify the options and specifications of your Suzuki engine, you can refer to the model description and variation codes.

For OEM part numbers and further information, you can visit the Suzuki Marine website here.


Chrysler model I.D. plates can usually be found inside the engine. You can refer to the Chrysler Year Chart here to determine the year based on the model.

These guides will help you determine the year of your outboard engine, ensuring you can find the right parts and maintain your motor effectively. Remember to consult the OEM part catalogs for accurate part numbers and compatibility.

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